Do You Know Who You Are?

Often times in life we are so busy being busy that we forget who we are. We allow others to slap labels on us, define us according to their measuring stick. Most of the time those that are busy labeling others don’t have themselves together. I am so tired of people being fake about their location in life. You can never get help, until you come out of denial and acknowledge where you are in life.


You must understand that God is an architect and he has directed the affairs of your life, remember that every disappointment, every heartache, every failed attempt, every sickness, was all a part of God’s master plan to bring you into your destiny.   You will find that your trails, as insurmountable as they seem somehow work out for your good. It is in your dark places of life, where it seems that no one can reach you, that you learn that you are greater than you think you are, it is in the dark place of life that you find you didn’t know your own strength and it is at those times where you are given the power to endure and the determination to continue living.


Recently I have adopted this saying “I may have done, what you said I did, I may have done worse than people say I have, but I am not who you say I am”. I love that quote because to this day it rings true, none of us are who people say we are. We all must take the time to determine our own locations in life, and define to ourselves who we are and whose we are. True  Self-identification is the key to moving forward despite all the obstacles, trails and haters that are guaranteed to come your way. Continue forward, you’ll find that you didn’t know your own strength.


Do you know who you are?



  1. You know, I have this shirt which reads on the back "who are you?" and on the front it reads in all caps, "I AM". I love wearing that shirt because the front is left open for me to fill in whatever I choose. The back is prompting you to think it over! You are so true, you must know who you are, where you are and what you are doing. You must find some way to come into yourself or at the very least be in route to finding out this personal information.


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