What’s Really Going On?

The cold hard facts stare you straight in the face, you simply don’t know what to do, you no longer no where to turn. Your bills are due, your pay has been cut. Your children are acting up, your job feels like hell. Your health is failing, your emotions are on edge. You walk into the room, you approach your desk, the fan is on, yourx2_20754fc journal lies open on the table along with some bills and the bible. It feels as if you are presented with two choices, whether life will continue in it’s present state or will you end it all, will you ease the pain, the disappointment you feel with pills or alcohol or will you turn to the bible and the God who loves you and is patiently waiting.  What would you do if you found yourself in such a situation, who would you turn to and who would you call. The choice you make will effect your future and have echoes into eternity. There are times when we will feel trapped by life, but it’s all about how you handle challenging situations. Some people self medicate, with drugs, sex, looking for love in the wrong places and many other behaviors that can lead to a destructive end.

The sad reality, many people give up to soon. They are more than willing to nurse or hide their problems and issues behind pills and alcohol, rather than deal with what’s really going on. Do you often feel like trouble is your only friend?  If you find yourself in such a predicament, with your back up against the wall, and it feels like your gasping for air, God has a message for you today, and that he is whispering in your ear, as you read this and he says: “As strong as you are, as broken as you may feel, as tender as your emotions may be, I’m still watching over you. I saw your heart, I saw your tears, I watched your breath since you were born,I heard when you cried out despite of  your fears. I love you, and I will not let you go.” Then he says: “When it is quiet, and nobody’s around, nobodies bothers to check up on you, when you feel like your falling, and you don’t feel like carrying on, I’m carrying you”. God then says, my child “You will make it through to see another day, know that I will give you strength, your present circumstance is not an indication of your conclusion. Know that each day I’m still here for you, and I truly care”.



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