The ~ 180 Degree ~ Turn Around!!

30448_126382034063519_100000751704409_125228_7784432_n God never gives us permission to give up, and he never gives us permission to throw in the towel. Many times I find myself telling people that the brightest sunrise is always after the storm. If you plan to get what God has for you, then you simply cannot give up when the going get’s tough.  You have to press through the pain, press through the heartache, press through the disappointment. You have to press even when there are tears falling from your eyes, you must press when your body is in pain, and when everything within you says stop. You may feel like your pressed on all sides, finances are crazy, bills are due, friends are walking away and your  emotions are in turmoil, but there is a remedy and there is a solution. It makes no sense to give up now, look over your life, and see where you’ve come from. Every time in the past, that you thought it was over for you, didn’t God work it out on your behalf. I know for myself that we serve a God who is able to do a 180 degree turn on any situation that we may face. So what if the bank say’s denied for that line of credit you were depending on, so what if Financial Aid, say’s you don’t have enough money to cover your tuition this semester, so what if you’ve sent out ten applications and never received a phone call back, are you going to let opposition, trials, setbacks and disappointing news hold you back? You must make up in your mind and you must tell yourself, “Don’t Stop, Get It, Don’t Stop, Get It”.

We know that God work’s everything out for our good, just because things don’t turn out the way you expect, this does not give you the option to give up. Sometimes, you going to have to find within yourself to praise God on a promise. What do I mean? Well, simply this, God promised you something’s and he is not a man that he should lie, and you know that God will keep his word. Often time’s we forget that God’s delay is out of his love for his, he simply wants’ to ensure that we are prepared for what’s ahead.

30448_126449760723413_100000751704409_125735_6696052_n If you were driving down the road, and you began to see construction and detour signs, the signs will alert that changes in your traffic pattern may occur. You would begin to prepare yourself, for the unknown path that lies ahead.  You see your trials, your tribulations, oh, even those nights you spent wondering why, were just signs that God had allowed to be placed in your path, they should alerted you that something was amiss. What you thought was opposition, and trails, and pain and turmoil were simply divine construction signs letting you know that “Great Thing’s Were On The Way”, so why is it, now that God has given you a clear sign that Great Things Are On The Way, are you not willing to go through your season of preparation.   Many of us, get fixated on the produce or what we see as the end result, you don’t know what someone had to go through to create a beautiful product, nobody every asks someone, tell about what you had to encounter to get where you are now, well sister/brother, tell me how many times you cried, thinking that your dreams were over for you, well tell me, how many times did you have tell yourself, that you can’t give up, tell me how many times did you have to walk and speak life, victory and success even when you didn’t see it happening.  Nobody normally asks a celebrity what they had to encounter to get the fame and spotlight that we see.  You see the glory, that we see over there life, is in the story, not simply because the grass looks greener.

30448_126382037396852_100000751704409_125229_132902_n You got to tell yourself, tell your mind and your heart, that “I won’t stop, I can’t stop until I reach, what others have deemed impossible for my life. I won’t stop, until I reach what God has prepared and promised for me. I must see the vision into realization. I won’t stop, even when people begin to lose faith in the dreams, and vision God has given to me. I won’t stop  I won’t stop, even if I have to go and walk all alone. I won’t stop, no I won’t stop because I know that great things are on the way. I know that God did not bring me into two thousand and ten, not to show me his goodness and not to show me his love and favor, and while I don’t yet understand everything that God is doing in my life, I still choose to trust, no matter what, for I know, that great things are on the way. I’m so glad that we serve a God, who specializes in the 180 degree turn around, all it takes is one word from him. For those of you who have taken the time to read to the end of this post, I have this prophetic announcement for you, from God’s mouth, to my ears and now to you,

Thus saith the Lord your God,  Hell has called a party to celebrate too quickly, enjoy your time in the background, enjoy your time of preparation. I have seen your heart, and I will use you and I will elevate you in due season. I will take away your option of “give up”, I will fill you with strength and preservance for the day’s ahead. Great things are on the way, but your season of preparation must come first.



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  1. This is so true. So many times we let our situation dictate to us what will be and we believe it because we have become blinded to what God said, that we are more than a conqueror. But if we remember His word and use it, and have faith, God will turn whatever situation around. Thanks for sharing. Wonderful post!


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