Break Every Rule!

29646_118261314875591_100000751704409_98532_1507459_nTrue Faith, Breaks Every Rule! There are so many people who feel trapped in situations, who seemingly see no way out. Many are in those situations as a direct result of their disobedience to God & his teachings. So you tell yourself your waiting on God, to heal you, set your free, & even deliver you. However, you walked into that mess yourself. God has given you the tools you need to walk out to freedom. God is simply waiting on you, ready to clean you up and establish you upon the rock. God being the perfect gentlemen does not force himself on any man. If you want to be healed, delivered and set free, if you want the shackles of bondage to be broken in your life, then you must expose your issues. Start with being real with yourself and God, he is ready and waiting for you with open arms.

29646_118258664875856_100000751704409_98518_6177664_nDon’t make the mistake of thinking you have time, for that mistake is deadly. I see people who have death following them everyday. God points out several people to me daily that are living their life like they have an eternity to do what they want to do, but are only seconds away from death. Please don’t let that be you. God longs to restore, renew & transform you, but you have to let him in first.  There is a reason why a mirror show’s a reflection, it is a gentle reminder that we must examine ourselves daily. So many people want God to bless them, but they can’t appreciate their season of preparation. Due season will never arrive until you show God appreciation for your time of preparation. Preparation breeds expectation.

Today,God wants you to know that he longs to purge you. He longs to erase the scars, the dust and dirt from your past and your mistakes.  You’ve been wondering what your true value is, what you have to offer. When you allow God to clean up all the mess, in your heart, mind & soul, clarity will come. You will then be able to see the treasure God has deposited within you.


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