Esau Syndrome!

This morning I would like to share an excerpt from my own personal devotional project I have been working on. Blessings! RZC

! Esau Syndrome!

Have you ever felt like things simply were not progressing fast enough? Have you ever arrived at a place in life where you were just hungry and not satisfied? It has been said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. In the spiritual world; the Devil is not only after our heart but our faith. It is his aim to cause us to have a faith crisis; and he seemingly always has an easy solution, while hiding the true consequences of a “deal” with him. How simple it was for Esau to sell his birthright for a bowl of stew.

It is easy for us to see Esau’s blunder, he simply sold his birthright out of a moment of weakness. The question today; how many of us have sold our birthright at one time or another. As Children of God we have a promise of an inheritance; however when it seems like it is taking too long for us to see the promises of God materialize what do we do? How do we react when we know that we are full of talents, gifts, goals and creativity, yet it seems our environment is not conducive for their birth and use? Another young man; simply identified as the “Prodigal Son” in the bible quickly seized the opportunity to claim his birthright because of his dissatisfaction and impatience. The Prodigal Son’s loving father allowed him to leave and make his own way in the world.

At many points in our lives; we have all sold our inheritance. We compromise and make a deal with the Devil. Sounds like something we wouldn’t do when put in such stark terms right? That is exactly what the Devil is aware of, this is why he makes concessions with him seem so simple. It always starts out with a few compromises here and there and before you know it not only have you given away your birthright, but you find yourself far away from home and the presence of a loving God. I understand the Psalmist heartfelt pleas in Psalm 51; he implores the Lord not to “hide his face” from him. In our trials and tribulations it’s easy to forget that God see’s us and that he cares about our plight. A wise friend once told me;

“Faith isn’t faith if you’re certain of what’s going to happen. Faith occurs when we are blindfolded by our problems, circumstances and issues. Faith blossoms when we don’t see our way out or around a seemingly challenging situation or obstacle.”- Shak Harris

We trade in the gifts, talents, goals, and creativity God has given us for the things of this world. It is true that the World has much to offer, flashing lights, money power and wealth that seems easily attainable. However I am leery of anything that can be easily gained for it can also be easily lost.

Unlike Esau who sold his birthright and was unable to gain it back; the Prodigal Son regained his good sense and returned home! We have hope, even though we may have made concessions with the Devil in the past simply out of dissatisfaction, impatience or a momentary lack of common sense, we can always return home to our loving father God. He will not only welcome us with open arms, but he will restore unto us the years that the locust has taken away. (Joel 2:25). What grace and mercy in allowing us to leave home to make our own way in the world, but to restore us when we come back to him.

I am your share and your allotment. Numbers 18:20(NLT)

Day 5



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