For Every Mountain!

30448_126501880718201_100000751704409_125924_3861786_nMany times we pray and want God to just listen; when we should be praying and waiting for God to speak. There are many biblical stories about mountains that come to mind. However; I want to take this down a different path for just a moment.

One’s journey though life’s path will be filled with many things, and you better believe you will encounter some mountains. I appreciate mountains in my life. I understand its not about God moving the mountain, but how he reveals himself to me through my journey around, through and sometimes over the mountain. God shows us just how much he loves us by allowing us to encounter mountains along our journey.

In life, you and I both have our own set of mountains. Some of them are natural encounters along the way and some are self-inflicted mountains. A mountain can take many forms in our lives. I myself have prayed many times for God to move a mountain in my life; only to grab hold to the mountain as if it was a security blanket afraid of what the absence of it’s presence in my life would mean. We each have our own set of issues that sometimes weigh us down.

It makes no difference how many mountains you make it over; if there was no pleasure while you were climbing. – Rodrigo Zaxembi Cruz

A mountain climber quickly figures out that the mountain is not moving, it’s slopes will not become less dangerous and there is no quick fast, painless way to the top.

I admonish us all to be like the wise mountain climber. The mountain climber believes he is equipped for his/her journey. The mountain climber slows, down proceeds with caution at times and is careful where he/she puts their feet because they are wise enough to know that what may look like a smooth surface can be a deception. The mountain climber knows that he must stay faithful to the task at hand, he must continue looking forward and not below, and that he must stay focused.

Those are great lessons for life; we must stay faithful, focused and continue looking forward. Just like the wise mountain climber that knows not to trust appearances, we must ask God to help us identify the different moments and transitions of our lives.

What may look like defeat may actually be victory. What may look like sadness may be disguised as joy. Remember it’s not about the Mountain; it’s only temporary. It’s all about how God changes and mold’s you as you make your way around the mountain.




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