Searching For

29646_118256541542735_100000751704409_98508_8159015_nJason; it’s possible that one of these men could be my father! Travis studied the newspaper clipping that his mother had given him many years ago. His mother had passed away recently and as his mother’s death became more real to him, the longing to know his biological father increased. The newspaper clipping was showing sign of wear from the many times Travis had picked up the clipping to look, stare, hope and wonder, only to put the newspaper picture back in its protective binder. Now here he was after years of wondering against all hope in Jason Cooper’s office, a private investigator he had been referred to by a friend going through a bad breakup. Travis sat down in the cushion full backed chair while Jason paused to answer the ringing telephone on his desk.

30448_126415467393509_100000751704409_125391_514337_nHe would have never imagined that one day he would want to search for his father. His mother had been the best mother she could be, and it was not easy being in a single parent household but she always said to Travis that one day he would want some answers, even though she herself had made peace with the past. His mother used to always say that she had given up all hope that the past could be different and had just asked God to give her the strength and will power to continue. Travis had to admit his mother had been right. Travis knew that growing up he was different from the other kids at school who had both their mother and father to support them in their endeavors. Travis was grateful for his mother and the strong support his mother and grandmother gave to him and his siblings but sometimes wondered if his father just up and left; did he have a step-mother or other siblings. What could have caused his father to just walk away? Did they even know about him? Could Jason help him answer these questions?

29646_118256278209428_100000751704409_98507_1192454_nTravis heard his name being called and snapped back to reality. I just want to tell you Travis; Jason began, that this search may yield some results you aren’t ready for. Travis began to speak; for many, years Jason I have wondered about my identity. I want the chance to get to know my father. I want the chance to have a sense of family. I know the search may yield results I am not ready for but I have to pursue this search to fill this void I’ve been ignoring in my heart.

Well Travis, let’s take a look at the newspaper clipping photo. July 17, 1987 was the date the photo was published; it was taken by the security camera in the waiting room of Green General Hospital. Authorities had published the photo in the hopes that someone would recognize the young man walking or the two other young men with him with information about the men pictured but no one did and no one was ever identified. Here’s what we know so far apparently your mother was in labor and being tended to by emergency room technicians and your father; possibly one of the men in this photo abandoned her…..

33460_152070268161362_100000751704409_225796_331097_nTravis slowly laid his head between his hands on the solid mahogany desk in an attempt to hide his tears of anguish. Travis began to speak, you know Jason my mother never told me. She never expressed any anger or bitterness. She raised me and my brother and sister without ever showing signs of cracking. How could my father just abandon her? How could he just leave her with two mouths to feed and a newborn baby? What was he running from? Did he ever come back to see about us? Jason, I have so many unanswered questions…..

(The Scene Slowly Fades To Black)

Just like the young man Jason above; all of our lives we are searching, searching for answers to seemingly unanswerable questions. Often we feel abandoned by God our heavenly father. Sometimes we feel like we don’t know what to do! Sometimes we are simply searching to find where we belong and our place in this world our purpose or divine destiny as some call it. Sometimes if we are honest with ourselves we question our birth and the circumstances surrounding it. Just what are we meant to do with our lives? Just who are we meant to reach? Sometimes it just seems like we are searching and searching for things that seemingly have no end. What are you searching for?


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