The Dead Things! {Part 1}

I cannot tell you how many family reunions I have attended where the older generation in attendance would at some point bring up the “good ole day’s” somewhere between the electric slide and the stanky leg dance. That was always my queue to walk away. If you think about it I was 18, 19, 20 and didn’t want to hear about the good ole day’s; another repeat story of the good ole days and family drama. I always try to remind my family that most of what they consider the “good ole day’s” were actually glossed over family drama ,wrong doings and horrible living conditions. Being part of the younger generation; myself and fellow family members are interested in moving forward from the past and learning it’s lessons not repeating it. It boils down to one generation wanting to stay in old mindsets and their own self created comfort zone and a newer generation redefining their boundaries and not being afraid to step out on the water and sink. I believe something’s should be left in the past; which leads me to today’s subject and new series “The Dead Things”.

sb10067777e-001I am a firm believer that people who value what they once had look backwards; and those who value what they have left look forward. Think about it; you can’t walk looking backwards, so why do people try to live their lives continually looking backwards? This is the very reason the bible remarks in Philippians 3:13 that one should forget those things that are behind and press forward. Continually looking backwards in with your eyes, heart and mindset can have disastrous consequences.

I have seen so many people kill their blessings; dreams, goals, and talents, not because they were afraid to reach them or use them, but because they were afraid to let go of “The Dead Things”. They were afraid to let go of old mindsets, bad friends, bad relationships, bad habits and other things that had long passed their expiration date in their life.


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