The People That Remember?

Have you ever run into people you used to know and memories start rushing back and you wonder why you didn’t keep in touch with them? Somewhere between your short conversation and leaving their presence you decide they are not worth keeping in touch with.

Have you ever gotten “this is my new phone number texts” every month or so from someone who seems to change phone numbers more than underwear? Ever wonder what they are running from? Ever wonder why they won’t just face their issues instead of running? Isn’t it funny how the more they change their number the more reasons they find to complain or be unhappy? Maybe it isn’t the number the needs changing but their mindset. They may be changing their number but their stuck in their history. They are living in the future but walking in the past.

Are you heading forward? Have you bidden the past Au revoir?   Don’t be willing to let your history destroy your destiny simply because you refuse to move forward!


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