The Dead Things! {Part 2}

laundry_room1I started out the morning like any other morning; slowly waking up. I spent some time in meditation and then checked my cell phone to answer and send out a few text messages to people. I take time to engage in some form of meditation and prayer each and every day; whether for a minute of five minutes. After taking a moment to handle personal needs; I decided to wash laundry. There’s no better day than Tuesday to wash laundry!

Human beings are very much like clothes prepared for the laundry. Like soiled  clothes we are all in need of a washer at different times in our lives.  The laundry, requires detergent, water, steam and hot and cold conditions. The dryer also requires, chemicals often in the form of dryer sheets,and can sometimes include steam in hot or cold (fluff) conditions. The clothes in a washer and dryer, go through experiences much like we as humans do. In other words, people are like clothes in a washer and dryer. The clothes, like people are in the same environment, placed in the same conditions and endure the same conditions collectively as a unit.

LG-Washer-Dryer-ComboI have always found it quite interesting that some clothes wash and dry faster than others. As a result these clothes can come out of the washer and dryer faster than others because of what they are made of.  We humans sometimes emerge out of our season of preparation faster than others. Some of us are ready for life or seem to be early bloomers. Some people seem to not endure as many testing, trials, struggles and tribulations as others. If you want to get out of the washer/dryer faster, watch what you are made of. Inevitably when drying a large amount of clothes some clothes may finish they drying cycle and need more heat applied. Often after an intense struggle or time of testing in our lives we somehow still miss the lesson and we get another round of lessons.

What dead things are you holding onto like soiled laundry,causing you to repeat the same lessons, trials, and tribulations over and over again?


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