Guard Your Mind!

Arguably,the most challenging battle you will ever face begins in your mind. Your mind must be guarded and protected.

 It is with the mind that we seek the Lord and it is with the mind that we serve him.

 It is with the mind that we submit to his plan, purpose, and will for our lives.

 You may find that most of the battles you fight, both spiritual and physical deal with the mind.

The enemy, Satan seeks to destroy your mind. Your mind houses the seat of your actions, thoughts, decisions, emotions and if the mind can be destabilized he (the enemy) will gain a foothold on destabilizing your life.

It is with our mind that we sometimes place limits on ourselves and others.  

It is our mind that God constantly admonishes us to renew.

It is our mind, which must be constantly purged of negativity, bad mindsets and our own insecurities and doubts.

You must recognize that your situations, trials, tribulations and test’s don’t affect your outcomes; but your response to them does.



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