A Blessing In Pain?

200285115-001 When I think of pain, I am reminded of a woman who is in labor, there water has broken and they are experiencing severe pains but confident that in just a short while a blessing will be entering the world. I don’t know anyone who willingly volunteers to go through pain, heartache or disappointment. God through his written word assures us that everything has it’s time, season and purpose and this includes pain.

There is an appointed time for everything. And there is a time for every event under heaven… – Ecclesiastes 3:1

Yet we are often told that there is a blessing in everything we walk through in this life. Arguably, the birthing process for a woman in labor must be one of the most painful experiences in her life, yet this extremely painful experience has the potential to produce so much joy.

89009543 When I experience an event in my life that causes me pain or discomfort I immediately listen to my friends recording of him speaking in tounges. Why? His recording ushers me into the presence of God. We as human’s run into a lot of issues trying to understand pain and it’s purpose. I have asked God to help me find the blessing in each painful and uncomfortable experience. I stopped trying to understand everything, I stopped fighting, I stopped crying because I am standing on God’s promise that everything shall work for my good. I am determined to fight like I already have the victory. Do I like pain? No. I am never going to stick my hand up in the air and ask God to give me a headache, but I am determined that daily I shall worship him. As attitude or praise and worship certainly makes pain more bearable. 

98867881 Everything in our world, except for fitness experts tell us to avoid pain at all costs.  The older I get the more I am starting to believe that maybe the fitness experts were on to something with their expression “No Pain, No Gain”.  I am the first to admit I hate pain, I hate everything pain represents, but I respect how God uses pain for his purpose in my life. Yet no matter how much you run from pain, before your life is over you will have experienced your fair share of pain. People will let you down, you’ll be disappointed, that opportunity you were depending on will fall through… many things will cause pain.

A few biblical characters had some interesting things to say about pain.

1. …she was greatly distressed and prayed to the Lord. . .-1 Samuel 1:10 – Hannah

2. ….. I had heard of Him, but now my eyes have seen Him . . .-Job 42:5 – Job

3. ….I would have despaired unless I believed . . .-Psalm 27:13 – King David

4. ….there is a balm in Gilead . . .-Jeremiah 8:22 – Prophet Jeremiah

5. …I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing. . .-Acts 7:55 – Stephen The Martyr

6. …. about midnight [they] were praying and singing hymns of praise …-Acts 16:25 – Paul & Silas

7. .  . .just go and sin no more . . .John 8:11 – Woman Caught In Adultery

8. …But Jesus was saying, “Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing….-Luke 23:34 – Jesus The Christ

After doing a little digging I ran across two interesting  verses in Psalm 119, 67 & 71.

67: Before I was afflicted I went astray, But now I keep Your word….

71: It is good for me that I was afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes…

BF1429-001 We must get to the point where we can see the blessing in pain.

I believe that there truly is a blessing in pain. Pain, though uncomfortable causes us to check ourselves, our actions and our responses to life circumstances. Pain opens our eye’s and forces us to see what sometimes we would avoid. Yes pain is painful, but if heeded correctly pain can prevent us from experiencing more pain!

Pain can be the best teacher; and I believe God allows us to experience pain just so that we can remember our own humanity , lest we become too prideful and forget about how much we need him. Through pain God humbles us, comforts us, teaches us and restores us and therein lies the blessing.

I love him, because he first loved me, and he purchased my salvation, out of Calvary!

Knowing how to approach the throne of grace and receive love from the one who loves us unconditionally and one who has the power to rescue us. God hears our cry, God see’s our tears, and he understands our pain!


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