Mirror Mirror On The Wall

It is of the up-most importance that one not seek their identity from anyone but our heavenly father. We are made in his image & we are his child. We cannot & should not seek our identity from descriptors; such as our clothes, cars, physical appearance, the compliments of others, fighting our enemies and our friends, our spiritual gifts/calling’s/offices or our physical abilities; whatever they may be. They are physical descriptors and shall pass away; when used as a crux for our identity they represent an inaccurate image because they distort the true image God wants to reflect of himself through us.

I learned this lesson the hard way. I used to define myself by what others thought of me, how they felt about me, whether they thought I was cute, fun to be around, etc. In the end it didn’t matter what they thought if my own reflection of myself was flawed.

I was becoming too dependent on the opinions of others and forgetting not only about my own feelings but those of my heavenly father also.  I started exploring why I seemed so addicted on the approval of others, why the voice of “others” in my life, had more weight than my own voice. What I discovered truly disturbed me.

We allow the voice’s of others in our lives to weigh more than our own when we lose sight of who we really are.

How does one find that inner voice? Well this is where the journey truly starts, and it’s the journey I’ve been on all semester as I’ve embarked toward the closing of my undergraduate academic career.


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