Blessed & Burdened 

The following is a excerpt from my personal journal and a conversation God had with me not too long ago. – 05/29/16 RRG 

The daily discipline is learning sensitivity to the Holy Spirit You must continue to learn sensitivity to my spirit. 
I want to clear ground in your life. 

I love being involved in your life. 

I love teaching you to trade your sorrows for joy and laughter. Daily, I am at work to attend to your needs.

My provision rises up to meet you in the morning, and my grace watches over you while you sleep in the evening. 

I love your life. 

I love who you are, who you were, and who you shall become. 

 I love your struggles and understand them. 

I bestow upon you immeasurable quantities of grace, mercy, healing; my supply never runs dry, my cup always overflows for you…

I love teaching you how to walk with me, while you learn how to rest. Rest in your spirit, heart, mind and body, understanding that I have you covered. 

Stop asking me about what’s next and what’s to come in your life! I am training you by fire, how to trust me! 

Most of the prayers I answer for you come as seeds. While you see the harvest, I’ve already equipped you for the process. 

Be at peace and trust me. I who fashioned the worlds with the weight of my spirit and the words of my mouth am not in disarray or confusion concerning your life.

How else can I build your faith! Just accept the fact that you are learning to embrace the pressure of your hand being in mine.

 I have and will continue to watch over my word to perform it. My word over your life is warring on your behalf for it cannot return unto me void; it will accomplish that which I have purposed. 

Learn to live knowing you are loved by me, you are enough and you indeed are my child. 

I will teach you that which you do not know, perceive or comprehend. Enjoy the journey and the process. 
I do my best work in times that seem to bewilder the human spirit. I choose that which is foolish to confound those who consider themselves wise.

Recognize that the place of your dreaming is also the place of my permission for you in your life. 

I desire to grant your hearts desires. Your requests will come from a place of renewed intimacy with me.” 

And It Is So! 


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