Your Voice… Your Life….

The following is a Prophetic Word, God gave me not too long ago. It was about a month or so ago. Tonight he gave me the clearance to release it publicly! If your struggling with your voice, your life, your platform, your feelings of self-worth, and relevance this word is for you. 

Your VOICE, and all that it encompasses is needed now more than ever! You do have a stage/platform. You have shown God that you can be trusted with the blessing and burden of occupying it. 

You do have an audience. Remember, you have something worth saying, and being heard. They aren’t simply words of obsequience, but rather words that in the face of deafening silence from many of our nations leaders and citizens, in a multiplicity of arenas across society, including but not limited to religion, entertainment, art and civil matters; will elevate you to prominence. 

All of what you’ve experienced previously has been for your refining, and your strengthening. There will be nothing, that can be used as tools of shame and humiliation towards you by those who would rather you remain silent. However, protect the environment around you. God will not have you lend your voice, time or energy to everything around you,some battles simply aren’t yours to fight, your engagement will be strategic for maximum impact and effectiveness. 

Demann Crawford @photobydemann on Twitter

You will be sought out for your wisdom, and because God will give you the “tongue of one who is learned, and the pen of a ready writer.” (Psalm 45:1). You have been given great grace, and like Noah you have found favor in Adonai’s eyes. 

There will be troubling days ahead but you will be instrumental as a light. As the saints of old used to sing, “Shine on me, oh glory….let the light from the lighthouse, shine on me..”

God raises up voices of prominence when they are needed, and you are not too old, nor have you missed your moment, nor has he given your assignment to someone younger than you; like Esther; nothing about our present time has caught God by surprise. Your unique talents, gifts, and abilities are a ministry unto the Lord and the lives you touch.  

You will not be boxed in, nor confined by the limited expectations of others, who would seek to define you simply by how they “know/knew”, you. 

You have been prepared for such a time as this, (Esther 4:4), build and fight as those in Nehemiah’s day (Nehemiah 4:18); but above all TAKE HEART. (Psalm 31:24, John 16:33). 

Grace and Peace Be Upon You, and Love. 


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